Identify great candidates by letting them work on real tasks, at their own pace.

Real engineering tasks

Natural candidate experience

Clear understanding of your candidates' abilities

Real Engineering Tasks

Real engineering tasks

A library of questions for specialized roles

Use our content library to hire for roles that are typically hard to assess: Backend, Frontend, Systems, QA, and Database.

Repeatable workspaces in the cloud

Every candidate gets an Ubuntu workspace in the cloud, pre-configured with packages or services that are part of the task. For example, Nginx, Django, or MySQL.

Powerful authoring and customization

Customize any question to meet your hiring needs. Add your desired stack or dataset to the candidate workspace. Customize the test-cases for automated grading.

Implement a REST endpoint for search. Refactor a slow database query.
Debug a faulty web controller. Write a data migration script.
Implement an auto-complete textbox. Make a responsive photo gallery.
Debug a faulty Angular controller. Write a custom color picker.
Analyze a dataset with server logs. Write a utility to compare two folders.
Consume and transform data from an REST endpoint. Implement a spellchecker for documents.
Find bugs in an API endpoint. Write functional tests for a filesystem utility.
Implement tests for a signup form in a website. Identify and fix invalid entries in a database.
Natural candidate experience

Natural candidate experience

Real development tools

Let your candidates use the tools they are most comfortable with. Using our Folder Sync app, candidates can use their local editor and toolset, but still run code in the remote workspace.

No need to memorize puzzles or brainteasers

Impress your candidates by letting them work on real-world tasks, rather than puzzles they rarely encounter on their day-to-day work.

Clear understanding of your candidates' abilities

Clear understanding of your candidates' abilities

Automatic or manual scoring

Save time by having your candidate’s submissions automatically scored by a suite of test-cases, or scored by a fellow engineer.

Review submissions in the cloud

Browse and run the candidate submissions in cloud. No need to download their submissions, nor run them in your machine.

Code changes

Read your candidates' code for structure and style.

Candidate playback

Understand how your candidates approached the task, by watching a video of their session.

Ranking relative to peers

See how a candidate compares to other applicants for the same job opening, or across the industry.