Remote Interview

Conduct effective remote interviews, for any engineering role.

Go beyond a textpad in the browser

Go beyond a textpad in the browser.

Desktop in the cloud

Interview your candidates on a shared Ubuntu workspace, accessible from the browser. The workspace is configurable with packages and tools required for the interview.

Run any app you want

With root access to the workspace, you and your candidates can install and run any software in the interview workspace. For example: programming languages, shells, frameworks, services, apps, debuggers, compilers, and editors.

Projects with multiple files

Real projects don’t come in a single file. Take advantage of a real filesystem to conduct your interviews using multiple files. For example: datasets, makefiles, web assets, or any auxiliary files.

Setup once, use many times

You can save your interview environment, and repeatedly use it in subsequent interviews. You can administer your Remote Interviews through an Applicant Tracking System, such as Greenhouse.

Get your interviews on record

Keep a record of how each candidate approached the interview, with Code Changes and Interview Playback.

Conduct the most insightful interviews

Conduct the most insightful interviews.

Ask the right questions for the role.

Asking your DevOps candidates to reverse a linked-list might not provide the best signal. With Remote Interview, ask them to write an automation script, or configure a service.

Get the most signal you can, remotely.

Bringing the wrong candidate onsite is costly. Use your Remote Interview to gain an early understanding of your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.